I am looking to install a 2mb line to our site, and I've been tasked with making it happen. Being a video engineer by trade but with a fair bit of tcp/ip networking experience as we send a lot of video over cat 6 these days, I am however found lacking when it comes to detailed knowledge of the Interweb Net... (sic)So what I'm looking at are options for our firewall. I'm minded to go with a software solution running on a dedicated server, for reasons of upgradability and flexibility, though I could be persuaded otherwise. All opinions welcome.I'd also like specific product recommendations for me to go and evaluate, if anyone is willing to give them.
Mucho thanks in advance.Some pertinent facts: Mainly WinXP network, three Win2003 servers, some SGI Irix, some Linux, some Macs, maybe 100 users max although working practices with regards time are somewhat flexible here so no real peak demand times. I also need to make sure we comply legally so options for blocking file sharing, etc would be good.

Please help.

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